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Will & Yousif

Manchester, 13.06.20

Catch some of the brains behind the brilliantly named Handsome Dads label - Will & Yousif gunning some totally left selections. Could be contemporary hip-hop, could be post-punk, could be prog: anything goes, but it goes well.


  • Louis Culture
    First Date (Feat. Poppy Billingham)
  • blair 
    on and off
  • Hande
    Rubber Necks
  • Jockstrap 
    The City
  • AceMoMA & AceMo
    The Elder Trance
  • Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya McCraven 
    I’m New Here
  • Dirty Projectors 
    Inner World
  • Babeheaven
    Human Nature
  • Nega Brandon & Angel Gabriel
    Gone 4 Good
  • Sunken
    Lifted To The Sky Ft Joseph Efi
  • Eyedress 
    Can I See You Tonight
  • Westerman 
    Easy Money
  • Aldous RH 
    Since 1992
  • Deem Spencer 
    shorty (pt. 3)
  • Charli XCX 
    I Finally Understand
  • Naeem 
  • Model 500