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Will & Yousif

Manchester, 31.10.20

Catch some of the brains behind the brilliantly named Handsome Dads label - Will & Yousif gunning some totally left selections. Could be contemporary hip-hop, could be post-punk, could be prog: anything goes, but it goes well.


  • Swans feat. The Necks 
    The Nub
  • Witch 
  • Black Country New Road
    Science Fair
  • Woman
    Heat Distraction
  • Shame
    BiL (Live)
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre
    B.S.A. (Unreleased Version)
  • A House In The Trees
  • Thom Yorke 
    Has Ended
  • Amanaz 
    Sunday Morning
  • Swell Maps 
    Don't Throw Ashtrays At Me
  • Robert Wyatt 
    At Last I Am Free
  • Elvis Perkins 
    The Night & The Liquor