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Will & Yousif

Manchester, 16.05.20

Catch some of the brains behind the brilliantly named Handsome Dads label - Will & Yousif gunning some totally left selections. Could be contemporary hip-hop, could be post-punk, could be prog: anything goes, but it goes well.


  • Fundr Ft. Ryan De La Cruz
  • Louis Culture
    Part 2
  • Theodor Black
    Had Enough
  • Fredwave
    Choose Me, Tonight
  • Jeshi & Deji Okeze
    Don’t Make A Scene
  • Rada
    Burn One
  • Louis Culture
    Being Me
  • Smasher 
    Non Stop Billing
  • Murkage Dave 
    You Always Ring Me When I'm Busy
  • M1llionz
    Y Pree (Hateondan Remix)
  • Denzel Himself
    Live A Lot
  • P From Lee
    Apocalypse Freestyle
  • Jesse James Solomon, Jaxxon D.Silva & Lay-Z
    No Lie
    Fuck You
  • Lewis James Ft. DBridge
  • Deji Okeze
    The Wine Turned To Water
  • James Massiah
    27 Psalm For The 26 27
  • DJ Shoplift