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Will & Yousif

Manchester, 05.09.20

Catch some of the brains behind the brilliantly named Handsome Dads label - Will & Yousif gunning some totally left selections. Could be contemporary hip-hop, could be post-punk, could be prog: anything goes, but it goes well.


  • John Cale 
    Big White Cloud
  • The Witch Band
    Living In The Past
  • Tindersticks 
    Talk To Me
  • Robert Wyatt 
    Memories Of You
  • Mazzy Star 
    Fade Into You
  • Swans 
    It's Coming It's Real
  • Swell Maps 
    The Stairs Are Like An Avalanche
  • Black Midi
    Live At Flesh And Bone Studio
  • Sunken
    Visions Of You
  • Otta
    No More Tears
  • Deem Spencer
    Today, We Sat
  • Rainy Miller
    Sans Soleil
  • Wu Lu
    Save Us From Ourselves
  • Kamal Williams