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Women of British Reggae: Dancehall & Liberation

London, 30.10.22

"No Rasta me a individualist"

In the final episode of Women of British Reggae, we talk to Ann Swinton, a.k.a. Ranking Ann. She shares her story: from youthful revolutionary songs, the excitement and struggles of being a female MC/toaster, and what it means to be free today.

Inspired by toasters like Trinity and Big Youth, she internalised the power of storytelling, finding a point of view which ran in bold contradiction to the often sexist and problematic imagery which pervaded reggae lyrics at the time.


  • Ranking Ann 
    Call Me Ranking Ann
  • Jim Reeves 
    Where Do I Go From Here
  • Trinity 
    Three Piece Suit
  • Mighty Two 
    Big Fat Thing
  • Big Youth Band 
    Tippa Tone Style
  • Scientist 
  • Ranking Ann 
    Conscious Man
  • Ranking Ann
    Feminine Gender (Live On Channel 4)
  • Ranking Ann 
    Problem Lady
  • Ranking Ann 
    Dangerous M.C.
  • Ranking Ann, Tippa Irie & Daddy Colonel
    Right To Fight (Live At Sheffield University December 1984, Coal Not Dole
  • Ranking Ann 
    Right To Fight
  • Ranking Ann 
    Kill The Police Bill
  • Ranking Ann 
    Moonlight Lover
  • Ranking Ann 
    Liberated Woman