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Women of British Reggae: Pirate Radio, Female Energy

London, 28.10.22

This episode is a tribute to the Ranking Miss P (Margaret Anderson), who was one of the first female Black DJs in UK Pirate radio who inspired many women and was a huge influence to reggae's development in Britain. After the pirate radio days, Miss P went on to work closely with the BBC over the years, as a radio host, and as collaborator on documentaries.

The episode showcases rare archival audio clips from a few of Miss P’s earliest shows on DBC from the early 80s which were recently converted from the original tapes by her daughter Colette Jones.

Special thanks to Collette Jones and Nzinga Soundz.


  • Ranking Miss P 
    Dread Outta Control (DBC Jingle1981)
  • Ranking Miss P
    Dread Broadcasting Corporation, 29th September Pt. 1 & 2, 1981
  • Ranking Miss P
    Dread Broadcasting Corporation Ad
  • Ranking Miss P
    Dread Broadcasting Corporation, 24th September Pt. 1 & 2, 1982