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Boards of Canada - Societas x Tape

London, 23.06.19

With Boards Of Canada

Celebrating 30 years of Warp with 100 hours of original programming from across the roster. Broadcasting non-stop globally on NTS Radio. ’89-infinity.

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  • Unknown Artist
    (Shortwave Radio Scan)
  • Jasper Van't Hof 
  • coL 
    This Flat Earth
  • Heldon 
    Une Drôle De Journée
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • Killing Joke
    Unspeakable (Outtake Cassette Version)
  • Dolphins Into The Future
    Untitled (A3)
  • Victrola 
    Maritime Tatami
  • George Duke 
    Vulcan Mind Probe
  • Flyer 
    Get Back Your Love
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • Vignette
    (Sample Unknown)
  • Doxa Sinistra 
    The Other Stranger
  • Vignette
    ('Your Choice Is Five')
  • Paul Hart 
  • M.S. Subbulakshmi 
    Srimannarayana Srimannarayana
  • Esplendor Geométrico 
  • Vignette
    ("Get A Shot... The Swine Flu Shot")
  • Slave To The Rhythm / Just An Illusion / Aquarius
    Boards Of Canada Edit
  • Vignette
    (Unknown Sample)
  • Jupiter Prophet 
    35,000 Feet (Challenger's Theme)
  • Fausti Papetti Cover Of Francis Lai
    Un Homme Et Une Femme Edited (With Minute Maid Bing Crosby Orange Juice Ad)
  • Devo 
  • Stefan Zauner 
    Billy Miller
  • These Trails
    Garden Botanum (Song Gets Interrupted With Vignette Of Man Speaking)
  • Pauline Oliveros 
    Bye Bye Butterfly
  • Alan Parker 
    The Free Life - B.
  • Egberto Gismonti 
    Jardim De Prazeres
  • Les Maledictus Sound 
    L’Étrange Monsieur Whinster
  • Severed Heads 
    We Have Come To Bless This House
  • Morgan Page 
  • Casiotone 202
    Demo Reel
  • Filmmaker 
    Crow Mask
  • Suraiya 
    Ek Tu Ho Ek Main Hun
  • YMO 
    Light In Darkness
  • Hajime Tachibana 
  • Lena Platonos
    Αιµάτινες Σκιές Από Απόσταση (Bloody Shadows From Afar)
  • The Creed Taylor Orchestra
    Heartaches (Slowed Down)
  • D.A.F. 
    Osten Wahrt Am Langsten
  • Star Transit
    Output (?)
  • Christian Chevalier
    Strange Pop
  • Colourbox 
    Tarantula (12" First Version)
  • 33.10.3402 
  • Vignette Contains The Elegants
    Little Star Playing In Reverse
  • One Foundation
    Dance With Us Lord
  • Bruce Haack 
    Angel Child
  • Christian Chevallier 
    Sea Cathedral