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YEM GEL - Midwinter's Tide (The Nonfinal Solstice)

Manchester, 22.12.22

Leftfield soundscapes, field recordings and experimental productions with sonic artist Alecs Pierce.


  • BBC
    Polar Wind
  • Catherine Ann Cullen
    Winter Solstice (Passage Grave At Newgrange)
  • Meredith Monk
    Long Shadows 2
  • Klankbeeld
    Winter Lake Haartseegse Wiel January Nl 170119 1080
  • Donhill
    Walk Snow And Pond Forage
  • Toshio Masuda
    Depths Of Winter
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
    Seida Pass Perchten Hexentanz
  • Atom TM
    Voralpenthema II
  • Sorrow
    Extracte From The Faerie Queene (Feat. David Michael Bunting)
  • BBC
  • Kyles
    Footsteps Snowshoes Old Wood Forest Melty Crusty Deep Snow Slow Speed Good Crust Crunch Detail
  • Winterblood
    Cold Labyrinth
  • Unknown
    Of The Father’s Love Begotten
  • BBC
    Winter Migrant Waterfowl
  • Friðbjörn Gunnlaugsson
  • 25 Song Performers
    Of The Father’s Love Begotten
  • Daveincamas
    Falling Ice Long
  • Øyonn Groven Myhren, Eilert M. Hægeland, Alf Tveit 
  • Leveret
  • Unknown
    Höllnstoapass Langkampfen In Thiersee 2015
  • Perotin, The Hilliard Ensemble 
    Beata Viscera
    Lyra Yuletide Song
  • Olshanoe 
    North Spring (Северная весна)
  • Jsilversound
    Howling Wind
  • Unknown
    Pskovo, Monastery In The Caves, Polyeleon Bells
  • Leq
    Yule Acapella
  • i.o 
    Turn To The Sky
  • K.K. Null, Chris Watson, Z'EV 
    Conclusion - Demon, (The Super-Natural) Mercury Hearing Water North Winter Twilight
  • Sorrow 
    The Final Solstice
  • Gristed Petunia
    Til Memory Of The Old Frosted No.
  • Chris Watson 
    Winter Flags
  • Davy Graham, Shirley Collins 
    The Cherry Tree Carol
  • Obsidian Pond
    From Up High Singing
  • Basarabian Hills 
  • Kyster
    Winter Afternoon Birds
  • Unknown
    Kalėdų Rytu Rožė Inžydo
  • Daveincamas
  • Paysage D’Hiver
  • Enchanted Lands
    The Grove (Ft. Loto Retina)
  • John Kirkpatrick, Rosie Cross, Georgina Le Faux, Michael Gregory, Jane Threlfall, Carl Hogsden 
    The Apple Tree Man / Apple Tree Wassail
  • Kronos Quartet 
    Viderunt Omnes
  • Coil 
    Christmas Is Now Drawing Near
  • Chris Watson 
    Winter Flags
  • Meredith Monk
    Long Shadows 1