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Yem Gel

Manchester, 27.09.21

Leftfield soundscapes, field recordings and experimental productions with sonic artist Alecs Pierce.


  • Mike Dayton
    He Made Hell Look Like Heaven So We’ll Seal Our Own Fate
  • Mathias Grassow 
    Deeper Purity Part 1
  • Chihei Hatakeyama 
    Memory Loss
  • Jong
    Ascending Warm Air In Alpine Foothills
  • Klein
    Hope Dealers
  • Celer, Forest Management 
    Indistinguishable From Magic
  • Klaus Wiese 
    Tâ Há I
  • Forest Management 
    Perfect Hour
  • Yves Tumor feat. Oxhy 
    Prosperity Awareness
  • Orbital Patterns
    Our Past Is Fabric
  • Celer 
    Text Me When You Wake Up
  • Oöphoi 
    Clouds Passing
  • Andrew Chalk 
    The Arkay Stream
  • KMRU