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Yem Gel w/ DJ Poepiekimono

Manchester, 02.08.21

Leftfield soundscapes, field recordings and experimental productions with sonic artist Alecs Pierce.


  • Unknown
    Sound Fragment Film ‘The Red Shoes’ (Lermontov Remembers The Vicky's Great Roles)
  • Slayyyter 
    Daddy AF
  • Beethoven
    Ode To Joy
  • Prelude I
    The Well-Tempered Clavier
  • Dj Poepiekimono 
  • Lord Of The Rings
    In To The West
  • Sefa, Mr. Ivex 
    God's Plan
  • Les Choristes 
    Caresse Sur L'Océan
  • Dj Poepiekimono
    One F Us / ABBA One Of U S Remix
  • Crypto’s
  • Yuji Nomi
    Take Me Home, Country Roads
  • Lorenzo Balloni
    Impterturbability In Inexertion
  • Ensemble Organum
    Deus Enim, Antiphona
  • Wa?ste 
  • BBC 
    Rookery - Nests Of Rookery, With Nestlings
  • Tal Egg
    Spore º Calm | Rushed
  • Oxhy
    Mima Ft. Cecilia
  • 海辺のサティ
    Especia (Acapella)
  • Giant Claw
    Drops Of Primed Water Leading To Another World
  • Yem Gel
    Diss Noise
  • Yem Gel
    Nest Of Opteryx
  • R Hunter
  • Wiley Vs Kano
    Lord Of The Mics
  • Limits Join Loulou
    Limits Join Fire
  • Yem Gel
    Endchant (4ever Home)
  • Cobweaver
    Fenland Trance Midi 1
  • Cynic 
    Veil Of Maya
  • Yem Gel
  • Toshio Matsuda