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Yesterday's News w/ Sheer Mag

Los Angeles, 25.09.19

Yesterday's News: a thorough re-cap of the finest in punk, noise, garage and other ratty guitar sounds from the past few decades.


  • Stereolab 
    Cybele's Reverie
  • Vacation
    I Dream Of Wheelies
  • Tough Customer
  • Bob Dylan 
    New Morning
  • Richard & Linda Thompson 
    I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
  • Divinyls 
    Sleeping Beauty
  • Gordon Lightfoot
    Endless Swim
  • Scooter 
    One (Always Hardcore)
  • Industry
    Justice Sucks
  • Graham Parker 
    The 3 Martini Lunch
  • Loudon Wainwright
    The Swimming Song
  • Judas Priest 
    Locked In
  • Lee Hazelwood
    I’d Rather Be Your Enemy
  • Dixie Chicks 
    There's Your Trouble
  • Tweens
    Cold Shoulder
  • Sheer Mag 
    Steels Sharpens Steel