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Live on 2 - ATC radio from the skies above Northern California

Los Angeles, 28.08.21 mixes ambient music with police scanner radio, air-traffic control, numbers stations, spoken word & a bunch of other random things. Found footage, musique concrete, and the perfect ambience.


  • Rosales 
  • Laraaji 
    Being Here
  • Brian James
    Counting Spheres
  • Innesti 
  • James Hoehl 
    Cold Moon
  • Jeff Mihok
  • Tuonela
    Music To Accompany A Journey Beneath The Ice (Part 2)
  • Sincere Receiver
    Lead Across A Darkened Landscape
  • A Beautiful Burning World 
  • Fictions And Poetics
    Isolation Works 2 (Part 2)
  • Ivy Nostrum
    Outside The Free Church / Pursued By Birds At Aird Uig