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Los Angeles, 21.03.15 mixes ambient music with police scanner radio, air-traffic control, numbers stations, spoken word & a bunch of other random things. Found footage, musique concrete, and the perfect ambience.


  • David Bowie 
    Sense Of Doubt
  • Andrew Johnson
    Sonic Drift
  • Dionysiac
    Just At The Edge
  • Willis Danielson
    People At A Party
  • Crysknife007
    Ambient Engine Noise
  • Star Trek TNG
    Season 2 Episode 5
  • William Basinski 
    dlp 1.1
  • Geomagnetics
    Celestial Auto Mechanic
  • Slighter, Chris Sterio (Abstrakted mix) 
    An End To The Beginning (Abstrakted Mix)
  • Ken Elkinson
    Eventual Morning
  • Canton
    Girl In The Bubble
  • Gentleforce 
    Naoshima (God Is In The Water)
  • BpOlar
    Pierrepoint’s Epitath
  • The Audiosphere
    City Park
  • Pedro Figueiredo
  • Brakka Soundsystem
    48 M/S
  • Eric Mortenson
  • Echo
    ES - Breath Of Wind…