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Los Angeles, 06.07.19 mixes ambient music with police scanner radio, air-traffic control, numbers stations, spoken word & a bunch of other random things. Found footage, musique concrete, and the perfect ambience.


  • Biosphere 
  • Dravier 
    Memory Scene 1 (At the Bottom of a Natural Pool)
  • Desolate Horizons
    She Is All Light And Sweet Fragrance And The Beginning
  • Marcus Fischer, Simon Scott 
  • Anthéne 
    Shadow Matter
  • Viul 
    Seven Fixed Dreams
  • Robert Davies 
    Fog Drifts
  • Zazz 
    Forever is a Distance
  • Teruyuki Kurihara 
    Listen Hear
  • Earthborn Visions
    Across Canning Dock #3
  • Tabard
    Valley Of Impressions