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Los Angeles, 13.06.15 mixes ambient music with police scanner radio, air-traffic control, numbers stations, spoken word & a bunch of other random things. Found footage, musique concrete, and the perfect ambience.


  • Bohren & Der Club Of Gore 
    Komm Zurück Zu Mir
  • Jessica Curry 
    Always (Hebridean Mix)
  • Olivier Messiaen 
    V. Louange À L'Éternité De Jésus
  • Avalanches & David Berman
    Cowboy Overflow Of The Heart
  • Trdlx 
    Hate It When Ambient People Do That
  • Slowdive 
    Golden Hair
  • Havdis 
    The Wind On A Lonely Hill
  • Red Fog 
    Cinder Petals
  • The Caretaker 
    An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
  • Red Fog 
    Castle Of Condensation
  • Red Fog 
    Consumed By Ink
  • Night Note
    Night Piece
  • Iggy Pop 
    A Machine For Loving