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You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker

London, 22.04.15

With Tim Parker

Tim Parker scours the globe for the freshest cuts from hip hop to electronica, once a month from our London studio.


  • S. Maharba
    Her Who Sang To Me
  • S.Maharba 
  • GonjaSufi (Bear In Heaven mix) 
    Love Of Reign (Bear In Heaven Remix)
  • William S. Fischer 
    Gurea Da
  • S.Maharba 
    Girls In Pearls
  • S.Maharba 
    Nice To Meet You
  • S.Maharba (Young Montana? mix) 
    Afternoon (Young Montana? Remix)
  • S. Maharba (5)
    Unknown Track
  • Marion Marz
    When I Go To Sleep (Original Sample)
  • S.Maharba 
    When I Go To Sleep
  • S.Maharba 
    French Maid
  • S. Maharba (8)
  • Shlohmo
    Ghost (S. Maharba Remix)
  • S.Maharba (Mono/Poly mix) 
    Nice To Meet You (Mono/Poly Remix)
  • S.Maharba 
    Jacket Switch
  • S. Maharba (11)
    A Cold Glass Hand
  • S. Maharba (12)
    For Someone (Abandonment)
  • S. Maharba (13)
  • S. Maharba  (14
    Unknown Track
  • Algorhymes
    Ram Nam Satya Hei (S. Maharba Remix)
  • S. Maharba (15)
    So Much Skin (Feat. Jed And Lucia)
  • S. Maharba (16)
  • S. Maharba (17
    Ne Pas Domi De La Nuit
  • S. Maharba (18)
    Something In The Wat She Moves
  • Shankles (S.Maharba mix) 
    6, 10, Half The Other (S.Maharba Remix)
  • S. Maharba (19)
    Lift Your Skirt Up
  • Kuhn (S.Maharba mix) 
    Stoneskipper (S. Maharba Remix)
  • S. Maharba (20)
  • S. Maharba (21)
    Good Girl
  • S. Maharba (22)
    Damn Hands
  • S. Maharba (23)
    Eye Theif
  • S. Maharba (24)
  • S. Maharba (25)
    Unknown Track