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Young Turks w/ Felix Taylor , Otta , Teeth Machine, Taylor Skye , Alex Epton, & Lalita.

London, 19.07.19

The eerily slick Young Turks look after acts like The xx, FKA Twigs, Ethan P. Flynn, Koreless and Sampha, and we are sure happy they come to give NTS a quick lowdown through a bi-monthly broadcast. Hosted by George + Tic, with a rotating cast of special guests.


  • Chapter 1] The Trains In North London Hum In G
    Felix Taylor
  • Unknown
    LDN Train Interlude I
  • Chapter 2] Scramble Mix
    By Otta
  • Unknown
    LDN Train Interlude II
  • Chapter 3
    Teeth Machine
  • Unknown
    City Life Interlude I
  • Chapter 4
    Taylor Skye
  • Crystal
    Don Sinini
  • Catastrofe
    Florentino X Isabella Lovestory
  • Unknown
    M Train Interlude
  • Chapter 5
    Crosby Street Models
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7