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Young Turks w/ Char Mandell

London, 06.11.20

The eerily slick Young look after acts like The xx, FKA Twigs, Ethan P. Flynn, Koreless and Sampha, and we are sure happy they come to give NTS a quick lowdown through a bi-monthly broadcast. Hosted by George + Tic, with a rotating cast of special guests.


  • Mary Lattimore
    Sometimes He’s In My Dreams
  • Saya Gray
  • 96 Back
    Half A Reach
  • My Cruelty
    Your Promises
  • M Huncho + Nafe Smallz
    Da New Age
  • Olivier Messiaen
    Birdsong Used In Messiaen’s Organ Music: European Birds: Dendrocopos Major (Great Spotted Woodpecker)
  • Kassel Jaeger 
    Exposure Scales
  • Bill Nace 
    Part 7
  • Smerz 
    Hva Hvis
  • Char Mandell
    Fishing Demo (Unreleased)
  • Lugh 
    Million Dollar Cowboy
  • Ted 
    Come Give Me Love
  • Milton Nascimento 
    Clube Da Esquina No 2
  • ju ca 
    Quiet Mentions
  • Kelora
    Ultramarine (Unreleased)
  • Roscoe Fox
    KK Demo (Unreleased)
  • Bar Italia
    Keyhole Surgery
  • Modjo 
    Too Good To Be True
  • Burial 
  • Milky (Liquid People mix) 
    Just The Way You Are (Liquid People Manners Vocal)
  • PTMC 
  • Madteo 
    Evol On
  • Two Lone Swordsmen 
    Constant Reminder
  • Franz Zwartjes
    Pt. 1
  • Slauson Malone 
    Simile #7 (see page 127 and Ttrabul 2)
  • Rozi Plain 
  • Voldy Moyo
    C U In A Billion Years!