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Yu Su

Kaifeng, 19.10.21

With Yu Su

Kaifeng based DJ & producer Yu Su cooks up an hour of warm meanderings once a month.


  • Cristobal Tapia De Veer
    I Want To Live
  • Alex Ho
    Move Through It
  • PAL 
    Parc Royal
  • Dijon
  • You'll Never Get To Heaven
    Setting Sun
  • Joakim
    Waves Ahead (Feat. Angel Bat Dawid)
  • Tristan Arp
    Marble Net
  • Mali-I (Androo mix) 
    X-Give (Androo Rework)
  • Abu Ama
    Kleopatra Arabxo
  • Magdy El Shaeri
    Da Mesh Maool (Moving Still Edit)
  • Reda Saiarh
    Quinz Lord Master
  • Discodromo 
    Island Memories