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Yu Su w/ Ma Haiping

Kaifeng, 06.04.21

With Yu Su

Kaifeng based DJ & producer Yu Su cooks up an hour of warm meanderings once a month.


  • Ma Haiping(Feat. Mindy Meng Wang)
    Jade Rabbit
  • Ma Haiping 
    Moon's Far Side
  • Ma Haiping 
  • Ma Haiping 
    Landing Mission
  • Jeff Mills 
    The Dancer
  • Developer 
    Ritual Master
  • Jeff Mills 
    The Bells
  • Humano 
    Death (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)
  • Ma Haiping 
    Lagrange L2
  • Oscar Mulero
    Gradual Blending (Original Mix)
  • Architectural
    5. 3 (Altered Version)
  • Orlando Voorn,Patrick Steger
    Minus (Original Mix)
  • Ma Haiping
    Von Kármán Crater
  • Sleeparchive 
    Session Nine
  • Jonas Kopp 
  • Sleeparchive 
  • Tensal 
  • Insolate 
    In Praise of Shadows
  • M. R. E. U. X
    Deep Space
  • Dimi Angélis 
  • Ma Haiping 
    Inner Solar System
  • Mike Storm 
    One Target
  • DJ Surgeles (Squaric mix) 
    UFO Visitor's (Squaric Remix)