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Idle Hands w/ Zane Landreth

Los Angeles, 29.07.20

Modern melancholia, waves from yesterdays, teenage rebellion and electronic electronics.


  • Prison Affair 
    I Want Ya (In My Cell)
    I’m Not A Fuck Up
  • Carbonas 
    Journey To The End
  • Marked Men 
    All In Your Head
  • The Spits 
    All I Want
  • Wipers 
    Over The Edge
  • Sleater-Kinney 
    Be Yr Mama
  • The Murder City Devils 
    18 Wheels
  • Cold Cold Hearts 
    Cute Boy Discount
  • Long Hind Legs 
    Painfully Obvious
  • Satisfact 
  • Modest Mouse 
  • Red Stars Theory 
    Broken Neck
  • Built To Spill 
    Some Things Last A Long Time
  • Mirah 
    La Familia
  • Love As Laughter
    Let’s Talk Radar
  • Love As Laughter
    Let’s Talk Radar Pt. 2
  • Love As Laughter
    Let’s Talk Radar Pt. 3
  • Duster 
    Topical Solution
  • Fastbacks Just Say
    Fastbacks Just Say
  • Unwound 
  • Team Dresch 
    Fagetarian And Dyke
  • Botch 
    Saint Matthew Returns To The Womb
  • Kill Sadie 
    Laugh Track For Contemporary Music
  • Rites Of Spring 
    For Want Of
  • Universal Order Of Armaggedon
    Visible Distance
  • Nation Of Ulysses
    A Comment On Ritual
  • Rye Coalition 
    The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God
  • Narrow Head 
    Stuttering Stanley
  • Candace 
  • Elevator To Hell
    Why I Didn’t Like August 93
  • Crooked Fingers 
    The Rotting Strip
  • Guided By Voices (Alan Day, Gary King mix) 
    The Official Ironmen Rally Song
  • Big Star 
  • Robyn Hitchcock 'N' The Egyptians 
    Madonna Of The Wasps
  • OMD 
    Of All The Things We've Made