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Get Grimy w/ Zernell

Los Angeles, 14.10.20

Head of Grimy Edits, Zernell Gillie's style can range from the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house - he heads up a 2 hour slot once a month from our LA studio.


  • Soul Clap Feat. Kathy B.
    Ready To Freak
  • Sean McCabe Feat. Cinnamon Brown
    It’s My Life
  • Tummy Tummy
  • DJ Spen, Moodena 
    The Fonz
  • Bill Withers 
    Who Is He What Is He To You
  • Christos Fourkis
    Beats & Djembe
  • Hai
    JT Donaldson
  • Last Night
  • Take It Easy
    Mike Dunn
  • Tribe
    Rick Wilhite
  • Meagan McNeal 
    Get Away (Terry Hunter & Emmaculate Club Mix)
  • Mr G
  • Sol Brown Ft. Lady Alma
    Your Time To Shine
  • Rick Lenior Feat. Spike Rebel
    A Full Pound
  • Who Dares Blend
    Jamie 3:26
  • Marques Skot
    As Long As I Have You
  • There Was A Time
    Whiskey Baron Edit
  • ILLas
  • You Can’t Jack
  • Don’t You Know
  • Josh Wink, Ursula Rucker (Louie Vega mix) 
    Sixth Sense (Louie Vega Remix)