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Get Grimy w/ Zernell

Los Angeles, 10.11.21

Head of Grimy Edits, Zernell Gillie's style can range from the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house - he heads up a 2 hour slot once a month from our LA studio.


  • Leroy Burgess
    Dance Till You Can't
  • GQ
    Ken Remix
  • Touch Down
    Space Grapes
  • Focus 
    Rock Batlanga
  • Mandrill
    Dazzle Drums
  • J. 326 Edit
  • Kon
    Kool Stop
  • G. Space
  • Nok
  • Emmaculate
    Cosmic Funk
  • Kai Alce
    Covid 2020
  • Go On The Loud
    Jon Dixon
  • Pied Piper Remix
    Blow Ya Whistle
  • Willie Bo-Bo
    Be With You
  • David Lee
    Moment Of My Life
  • Grimy Edit
  • Grimy Edit
    When & Why
  • Grimy Edit
  • ?
    Power Of Your Love