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Get Grimy w/ Zernell & The Twilite Tone

Los Angeles, 27.03.19

With Twilite Tone

Head of Grimy Edits, Zernell Gillie's style can range from the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house - he heads up a 2 hour slot once a month from our LA studio.


  • Dr. Buzzard's Original "Savannah" Band 
  • The Jackson Sisters 
    I Believe In Miracles
  • The Fatback Band 
    Goin' To See My Baby
  • Jack McDuff 
    Ju Ju
  • Ks French
    I Like It Funky
  • Herbie Hancock 
    I Thought It Was You
  • Stevo 
    Pay The Price
  • War 
    The Music Band 2 (We Are The Music Band)
  • King Tutt 
  • Sekou Bunch 
    Can't Stop Lovin' You (Vocal)
  • Charles Earland 
  • Maxx Traxx 
    Don't Touch It
  • J.B.'s Wedge 
  • Ken Meredith 
    From Now On

  • Town
  • Dwight Trash 
    Microwave Boogie
  • Funkapolitan 
    As The Time Goes By (Vocal)
  • Evans Pyramid 
    I Want Your Body
  • The Patchouli Brothers
    Don't Give Up
  • The Twilite Tone
    Hearp Nicolo And An Mix
  • Ed Nine
    The Drum Tool
  • The Twilite Tone
    The Other Side 2
  • The Clash 
    Overpowered By Funk
  • Roni Griffith 
    (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up
  • The Twilite Tone
    Enemy Of The Public Louder (Special Edition)
  • Waajeed, Peadbody & Sherman
    And That Is Why
  • The Twilite Tone
    [[[KHANDoit]]] (So Long)