Drummer on The Roof by Sarvenaz Mostofey


Drummer on the roof (2021, 12:13 min.) combines labyrinthine ideas and memories to reflect on themes of sound, social fiction, and the daily life of a working-class family living in a small apartment in the north of Iran. The story takes place on a cold night in the winter of 2017 and focuses on the sounds heard in a martial arts gym on the floor below. Every night, until late, the sounds of Hi-yah!, Aiyah!, Eeee-yah!, or Hyah!, of more than twenty men resonate throughout the building and the neighborhood. On some nights it exceeds the sound of the rough sea found nearby. On this particular night, the father climbs onto the roof and hits it with an unidentified object as harsh, as hard, and as loud as one can imagine. What was the drummer trying to convey as a message and did he succeed in silencing the din? Drummer on the roof is about the recording of this live drumming. The composition reenacts the contrasting sounds and forces – the Kiai, the sea roar, the roof drum and the songs lost in time.

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