Inside The Black Womxn’s Temporal Portal by Moor Mother


Moor Mother’s work uses “sound as a form of resistance”, understanding the sonic realm as a space of “unlimited possibility” in which “we can change anything we want”. For REUSE >> REFUSE, Moor Mother has produced two new scores that interweave images and sounds from previous works with new visual and sonic material. The first work, Moor Mother Lost Interview (2021, 10:13 min.), intersperses a filmed interview by D1L0 with an industrial soundscape that propels, highlights, and diffuses the artist’s words. The second piece, Inside the Black Womxn’s Temporal Portal (2021, 4:58 min.), sets up a haunting, rhythmic loop in which time, as shown visually in material taken from a Black Quantum Futurism installation, moves in an alternating and nonlinear pattern. Within both pieces, viewers are invited to experience an experimental model in which glitches and the discordant are brought into focus. Sounds that traditionally would be excluded or erased are given space to show their affective beauty.

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Drummer on The Roof by Sarvenaz Mostofey
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Drummer on The Roof by Sarvenaz Mostofey

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