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Abou Diarra

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Abou Diarra

Abou Diarra has been played on NTS in shows including Donna Leake, featured first on 8 December 2020. Songs played include Koya Blues.

Abou Diarra is a Kamale'N'Goni player from from Mali. "Fascinated by the blues, jazz, afro piti, reggae, groove, rhythms and styles that blend country, sounds, influences, Abou Diarra pushes out the exploration of classic ranges, using his ngoni as a guitar, bass, harp or percussion."

Abou Diarra was born in 1975 in the region of Sikasso in southern Mali, home of the music Wassoulou (African blues). As the son of a great hunter-witch doctor, the singer was initiated…

Koya Blues
Abou Diarra
Mix & Métisse2016
Koya Blues
Abou DiarraMix & Métisse2016