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Nerve Net Noise

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Nerve Net Noise

Nerve Net Noise has been played on NTS in shows including The Trilogy Tapes, featured first on 11 January 2021. Songs played include Blood Have Everything You Need.

Nerve Net Noise is the synthesizer duo of Tsuyoshi Nakamaru and Hiroshi Kumakiri. Each Nerve Net Noise album is an astoundingly thorough exploration of one aspect of what their rough and barely controllable homemade synthesisers can do. The typical Nerve Net Noise release explores rhythms and beats, but it's no minimal glitch album, and neither is NNN a "noise" band; they are after something much more elusive and beautiful than mere obvious full-bore screech. With a strange…

Blood Have Everything You Need
Nerve Net Noise
Intransitive Recordings2008
Blood Have Everything You Need
Nerve Net NoiseIntransitive Recordings2008