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The Trilogy Tapes

London, 11.01.21

Clandestine record label, The Trilogy Tapes, tear up the NTS studios once a month, ripping through the grittiest and muddiest tracks. No words on this one, just tunes.


  • Blurt 
  • Hieroglyphic Being 
    Power Shifts Engagements
  • Brunnen 
    A Vanilla Kite
  • Cheb I Sabbah 
    Madh Assalhin: Praising Of The Saints
  • Kaoru Sato (Sounds) & Yu Urai (Butoh)
    瑠璃霊 [Ruri-Tama]
  • Nerve Net Noise 
    Blood Have Everything You Need
  • Omit 
    Dis Tan Cer
  • Onyx Ashanti
    Gentler Stil...(Monitored On Stereo Headphones) 4-29-2019
  • Orphan Fairytale 
    Melting Ice Giant
  • Gossiwor 
    Ava Maria
  • Little Richard 
    The Rill Thing
  • Lankum 
    Katie Cruel