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Richard Parker

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Richard Parker

Richard Parker has been played on NTS in shows including The NTS Guide to…, featured first on 3 April 2021. Songs played include (Put A Dime On) D-9.

One of (at least) four possible artists:

Producer from the 70s

Perth based electronic composer

Instrumental band from Leeds, England

A Samoan island-reggae singer, popular on numerous Pacific islands from 2010.

Staff producer and songwriter at Brunswick/Dakar Records in the early 1970's. Wrote several songs for Tyrone Davis, notably "Wrapped Up in Your Warm and Tender Love", which was also released as a 45 single under his own name.

Richard Parker is a Perth-based electronic composer, writing…

(Put A Dime On) D-9
The Rotations feat. Richard Parker
(Put A Dime On) D-9
The Rotations feat. Richard ParkerFrantic1965