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The Heroes

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The Heroes

The Heroes has been played on NTS shows including The Great African Disco w/ Temi Kogbe, with Live And Let Live first played on 2 May 2021.

There are at least two bands called The Heroes:

1) The Heroes were an English rock band formed in 1979 with Chris Bradford and Mark Hankins on guitar and vocals. The line-up was completed by Pete Lennon (lead guitar), Dave Powell (drums) and ex-Randy band member Brian (Wally) Wallis on bass guitar.

Although primarily an intake group, they led with Dr. Feelgood toured Germany and played the Olympianhalle in Munich and the Top Ten Club in Hamburg. The five pieces…

Live And Let Live
Saint Emmy, The Heroes
Anodisc Records0
Live And Let Live
Saint Emmy, The HeroesAnodisc Records0