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Cub Koda

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Cub Koda

Cub Koda has been played on NTS shows including Rich & Johnny's Inzane Michigan , with Random Drug Testing first played on 6 May 2021.

Multi-talented musician and songwriter Cub Koda (born October 1948, died July 1, 2000), a native of Manchester, Michigan, founded seminal 1970s rock band Brownsville Station and wrote many hit songs, including "Smokin' in the Boys' Room." While continuing to record and tour all his life, he also had a long career as a music writer. He co-wrote and edited the All Music Guide to the Blues (ISBN 0-87930-736-6) and Blues for Dummies (ISBN 0-7645-5080-2) and put together the CD…

Random Drug Testing
Cub Koda
Schoolkids' Records1994
Random Drug Testing
Cub KodaSchoolkids' Records1994