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INZANELY Rare Michigan singles club: Garage, Folk, Soul, Gospel & Weirdness

Detroit, 06.05.21

Join John Olson (aka Inzane Johnny, of Wolf Eyes) and music writer Rich Tupica as they mine deep into Michigan's wilderness of sounds. No private press rarity is off limits: soul, gospel, oddities, punk, experimental, rockabilly, and garage rock. It's all unearthed. Strap in for an insanely bizarre ride across the Great Lakes State.


  • Intro
    Iggy Hates Punk + Four Tops Michigan TV Commercial
  • Cub Koda 
    Random Drug Testing
  • Timmothy
    Maybe I’m High
  • Ruby 
  • The Woolies
    Vandergraff’s Blues
  • Priscilla Page, Pepe The Poodle 
    Throw The Poor Dog A Bone
  • The Couriers 
    I Couldn't Care Less
  • The Beech Resorts 
  • Little Ann 
    Sweep It Out In The Shed
  • Maxx 
    200 Years
  • The Tokays 
    Honest I Do
  • Timmothy 
    Blue And Grey
  • Charmaine 
    Send My Baby Back To Me
  • The Minutemen 
    Another Day With Me
  • The Tolbert Family Singers Featuring Brother O. C. Tolbert
    Ride The Gospel Train
  • The Chancellors
    Dear John
  • The Psychotics 
    School Boy Blues
  • The Black Rose 
    Love Handles
  • The Iguanas 
  • The Bells Of Rhymney
    She'll Be Back
  • Duane Calvert 
    Somewhere Somehow