Live now

Smithsonian Folkways

Washington DC, 19.07.23

Regular hours from the D.C. archivists and record label, famed for uncovering + documenting folk and global traditional music.


  • 0:00:20
    Hap Palmer 
    Enter Sunlight
  • 0:02:42
    The Montgomery Express 
    Steal Away
  • 0:05:20
    Irma Thomas 
    Ruler Of My Heart
  • Luiz Bonfá 
    Perdido De Amor 2
  • Lonnie Johnson 
    Lazy Mood
  • Leyla McCalla 
    Heart Of Gold
  • Josh White 
    Careless Love
  • Unspecified
    Coming Down Wid a Lemonade
  • Los Guepos
    Malditos Besos
  • David Nzomo
    Ngwatanio (Unity)
  • Mike Hurley 
    You Get Down By The Pool Hall Clickety Clack (Sister Song)
  • Pharis & Jason Romero 
    Pale Morning
  • Howard Bursen 
    Clara's Hornpipe
  • Alice Stuart 
    Follow Me Honey, I'll Turn Your Money Green
  • Grupo de Experimentación Sonora
    Cuando Digo Futuro (When I Say "Future")
  • Big Joe Williams 
    I Want My Crown
  • Snooks Eaglin 
    Every Day I Have The Blues
  • Cookie Gabriel 
    I'll Never Fall In Love Again
  • Chorus led by Zita Celise
    Ki bèl bato
  • La Vergne Smith 
    One For The Road
  • Hap Palmer