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The Minutemen

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The Minutemen

The Minutemen has been played on NTS shows including Rich & Johnny's Inzane Michigan , with Another Day With Me first played on 6 May 2021.

The Minutemen was an American punk rock band formed in San Pedro, California in 1980. Comprising guitarist D. Boon, bassist Mike Watt and drummer George Hurley, the Minutemen recorded four albums and eight EPs before Boon's unexpected death in December 1985. They were noted in the Californian punk rock community for a philosophy of "jamming econo": a sense of thriftiness reflected in their touring and presentation.

They were influenced heavily by bands such as Wire, The Pop Group, and The…

Another Day With Me
The Minutemen
Not On Label1966
Another Day With Me
The MinutemenNot On Label1966