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Cabo Frio

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Cabo Frio

Cabo Frio has been played on NTS in shows including Athens of the North, featured first on 18 March 2021. Songs played include She's The One.

A fusion of ideas, cultural identities, and genres of music is the best way to describe veteran jazz group Cabo Frio. Emerging from the musically fertile Upstate New York region-home to a host of other acclaimed musicians like Cab Calloway, Chuck Mangione, and Steve Gadd. Cabo Frio's beginnings date back to 1979, when members of the group from the Rochester-Buffalo area joined forces.

Over the past two decades, the group has recorded six albums and toured with the likes of…

She's The One
Cabo Frio
Zebra Records1986
She's The One
Cabo FrioZebra Records1986