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Jorja Chalmers

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Jorja Chalmers

Jorja Chalmers has been played on NTS in shows including ARRHYTHMIA, featured first on 4 July 2021. Songs played include Riders On The Storm.

Jorja Chalmers is an Australian saxophone and keyboard player who has toured globally with accomplished bands and performers such as Bryan Ferry, Take That and the Ting Tings. When Ferry's band, Roxy Music, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ferry's speech noted Chalmers' contributions to the band. Chalmers has been described as someone who "steals the show, blasting out the sax lines with a refreshing brashness."

Chalmers was born in Sydney in 1982, and studied at Sydney Conservatorium…

Riders On The Storm
Jorja Chalmers
Italians Do It Better2021
Riders On The Storm
Jorja ChalmersItalians Do It Better2021