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One Glove w/ Macca

London, 04.07.21

Stay left and take a trip with an hour of eclectic cuts from the other scouser called Macca. A low-key affair with big soul. ONE GLOVE!!!


  • Silas Short
    Cloudy June
  • Night Beach
  • John Carroll Kirby 
    Swallow Tail
  • Jackie Venson
    'Til This Pain Goes Away
  • Molly Lewis
    Balcony For Two
  • Black Country, New Road 
    Track X
  • Jorja Chalmers 
    Riders On The Storm
  • Dzang
  • Dean Blunt 
    Nil By Mouth
  • Satin Sheets 
    Can't You See? 2
  • Pearl & The Oysters
    Treasure Island
  • mndsgn 
    Hope You're Doin' Better
  • wai wai music resort 
    For Lonely Drivers (F.L.D)
  • Simon Peter 
    Arc Of Lark
  • Begin
    One Mans Junk
  • Alpha