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John Burgess

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John Burgess

John Burgess has been played on NTS shows including Optimo, with Caberfeidh (Strathspey) - MacIntosh's Lament (Pibroch) first played on 13 July 2021.

John D. Burgess. MBE 1934 - 2005.

John D Burgess is a phenomenon in the world of piping. At the age of four he began to take an interest in playing when his father made a scaled-down practice chanter for him. When he was ten he went for lessons to the legendary Pipe Major William Ross at Edinburgh Castle, and from this his rise was meteoric. From being an infant prodigy he beacame a boy genius, whose playing in juvenile…

Caberfeidh (Strathspey) - MacIntosh's Lament (Pibroch)
John Burgess
Columbia Masterworks0
Caberfeidh (Strathspey) - MacIntosh's Lament (Pibroch)
John BurgessColumbia Masterworks0