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Kid Dynamite

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Kid Dynamite

Kid Dynamite has been played on NTS shows including Whodis? w/ 56 DJs, with Uphill Peace Of Mind first played on 15 July 2021.

Kid Dynamite was an American hardcore punk band formed in Philadelphia. The group consisted of drummer Dave Wagenschutz, guitarist Dan Yemin, vocalist Jason Shevchuk, and bassist Michael Cotterman, who replaced original bassist Steve Farrell. They featured former members of highly influential New Jersey melodic hardcore outfit Lifetime, and future members of a number of acts including None More Black, Armalite, LaGrecia, Paint It Black, Higher Giant, and The Loved Ones. The band put out one album before lead singer Jason Shevchuk…

Uphill Peace Of Mind
Kid Dynamite
Uphill Peace Of Mind
Kid DynamiteCream1976