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Osvaldo Pugliese

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Osvaldo Pugliese

Osvaldo Pugliese has been played on NTS in shows including Adam Oko, featured first on 29 August 2021. Songs played include Mala Junta.

Osvaldo Pedro Pugliese (December 2, 1905 - July 25, 1995) was an Argentine tango musician. He developed dramatic arrangements that retained strong elements of the walking beat of salon tango but also heralded the development of concert-style tango music. Some of his music is used for theatrical dance performances. In Buenos Aires, Pugliese is often played later in the evening when the dancers want to dance more slowly, impressionistically and intimately. Pugliese is a great choice for slower tango dance music, but…

Mala Junta
Osvaldo Pugliese, Astor Piazzolla
Mala Junta
Osvaldo Pugliese, Astor PiazzollaLucho1994