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The Heathens

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The Heathens

The Heathens has been played on NTS in shows including Diddy Wah, featured first on 30 August 2021. Songs played include I Need You Near.

The Heathens were a band from Central Florida. Composed of Chris Rae (bass), Chris Cucci (banjo, guitar, keys), Sean Moore (violin, trumpet, guitar, keys, vocals), Matthew Butcher (guitar, vocals), and Jeff Ilgenfritz (drums, harp, guitar, keys, vocals). The Heathens made Country/Folk/Rock music. Their debut album was released in 2006.

Unfortunately the band disbanded in 2007. Due in part to conflict between members of the band and that none of the members wanted to make the Heathens their full time band….

I Need You Near
John English III, The Heathens
Sabra Records1965
I Need You Near
John English III, The HeathensSabra Records1965