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The Daktaris

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The Daktaris

The Daktaris has been played on NTS shows including The Extended Play Sessions w/ Mr Pedro, with Daktari Walk first played on 6 April 2013.

Retro afro-funksters from NYC. Part of the Desco Records crew. Originally a hoax claiming to be a genuine undiscovered afro-beat album, they later morphed into Antibalas and various Daptone Records projects.

Jo Jo Quo (Congas and Voice), Alaji Boniface Luremi (Lead Guitar), G.G. Vikey (Tenor Guitar), Olu "Rocksteady" Owudemi (Drums), Clement Apaokagi (Bass), Joe Hrbeck (Alto Sax), Femi "Dokita" Doolittle (Baritone Sax), Neal Pawley (Trombone), Alaji Milificient Agbebe (Trompette), Abou Sylla (Sticks), Azouhouni Adou (Keyboards), Idowu Perkins (Shaker), Adrian Bako (Tenor…

Daktari Walk
The Daktaris
Desco Records1998
Daktari Walk
The DaktarisDesco Records1998