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Melodies International w/ Jono Ma & Stella

London, 04.07.22

With Jono Ma

From dusty crates and dingy basements to the NTS airwaves - reissue label Melodies International bring special, undiscovered, and beautiful records from across the world their show, every month.


  • Junior Parker 
    Tomorrow Never Knows
  • Jono Ma
    Thank You Africa (Jono Ma Re-Reub)
  • The Daktaris 
    Musicawi Silt
  • Mestre Geraldo E Sua Bateria
    Mistura No. 3
  • Currambero De Gamero
    La Pre (Osulade’s Yoruba Soul Mix)
  • The Strikers 
    Body Music
  • Kingaku Moyo
    Dancing Blue
  • Mystics
    Birthday Jam Bangalow
  • Onom Agemo And The Disco Jumpers 
    Cool Runnings
  • Can 
    I Want More
  • Zongamin 
    High Tension (Dub)
  • KarlHector & The Malcouns
    Kingdom Of D/MT
  • Shina Williams His African Percussionists
    Agboju Logun
  • Peter Luedemann & Pit Troja
  • Chico Hamilton 
    Conquistadores = The Conquerors
  • Universal Togetherness Band
    Ain’t Gonna Cry
  • Nina Simone 
    Obeah Woman
  • MMM 
    MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys