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The Hit Parade

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The Hit Parade

The Hit Parade has been played on NTS shows including Cry Later w/ Tropic of Cancer, with Wipe Away The Tears first played on 27 August 2021.

The Hit Parade are an indie pop group based in London, UK. Named after the NBC US TV show Your Hit Parade which was broadcast across America in the 1950s as a showcase of the best of chart music, The Hit Parade were formed in 1984 by three British schoolfriends Raymond Watts, Matthew Moffatt and Julian Henry. The group have released five CDs and nine singles to date.

Originally hailing from Little Chalfont and Gerrards Cross in…

Wipe Away The Tears
The Hit Parade
JSH Records1988
Wipe Away The Tears
The Hit ParadeJSH Records1988