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A Burial At Sea

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A Burial At Sea

A Burial At Sea has been played on NTS shows including Enter the Noid w/ Ringtones, with Breezehome first played on 28 November 2021.

There are at least two bands called A Burial at Sea: a metal band from Norway formed in 2007 and a post-rock act from Britain formed in 2017.

A Burial at Sea (Norway) was formed in the late summer 2007. The band had their focus to create melodic metal, with some technical influence.

In December 2007 they went in studio to record their first demo. They got awesome feedback. After a quite unhasty summer, they decided to start on their debut EP. The…

A Burial At Sea
Moment of Collapse Records2020
A Burial At SeaMoment of Collapse Records2020