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The Missing Links

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The Missing Links

The Missing Links has been played on NTS in shows including Great Southern Lands w/ James W, featured first on 26 July 2022. Songs played include You're Drivin' Me Insane.

The Missing Links were an Australian R&B group from the mid-1960s who were renowned for their (for the time) outrageously long hair and especially for their adventurous musical style, which influenced many later Australian groups, including The Saints.

The second incarnation of The Missing Links is also notable for launching the careers of New Zealand-born singer-actor Andy Anderson and guitarist and songwriter Doug Ford, who later became the lead guitarist in The Masters Apprentices.

You're Drivin' Me Insane
The Missing Links
Half A Cow Records1999
You're Drivin' Me Insane
The Missing LinksHalf A Cow Records1999