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Royal Orchestra

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Royal Orchestra

Royal Orchestra has been played on NTS shows including Bleep, with Bidād (Homāyun) first played on 14 February 2014.

Once upon a time, there was these two little boys named Filip and Sandi. Both of them were very interested in the art of music, and by the ages of like eleven years, they decided to become rock stars. They got themselves their first guitars, and the first tunes and songs was created. Some years went by, and so the boys came up with the idea of expanding the band. The funky drummer Staffan eventually joined, and the trio started rehearsing - the first…

Bidād (Homāyun)
Ebrāhim, Royal Orchestra
Honest Jon's Records2014
Bidād (Homāyun)
Ebrāhim, Royal OrchestraHonest Jon's Records2014