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Re-Animator was first played on NTS on 29 October 2014. Songs played include Return To E (Horsepower Productions Mix).

Re-Animator is a British Thrash Metal band from Hull, England.

Formed in 1988 and after releasing two well recieved demo tapes, Re-animator joined the thrash metal wave with their debut six-track mini-album, 1989's 'Deny Reality', issued through Music For Nations subsidiary Under One Flag. The group, having scored their deal with their prevoius demo cut at Animal Tracks Studios in Hull during March 1988.

The band comprised lead vocalist / rhythm guitarist Kev Ingleson, guitarist Mike "Dis-Able" Abel,bassist John Hanson and drummer Mark Mitchell. These tracks…

Return To E (Horsepower Productions Mix)
Re-Animator (Horsepower Productions mix)
Vertical Drop Recordings2001
Return To E (Horsepower Productions Mix)
Re-Animator (Horsepower Productions mix)Vertical Drop Recordings2001