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Fat Worm Of Error

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Fat Worm Of Error

Fat Worm Of Error has been played on NTS shows including Henry Rollins, with Return Of The Thin White Dook first played on 21 July 2015.

Fat Worm of Error is an Experimental/Noise/conceptual art avant garde rock band from Northampton, Massachusetts.They are seen as staples of the underground noise and improvisation scene and helped to start what is known as a regional form of noise music called Western Mass Noise scene.They have been associated with the New Weird America genre. They utilize traditional rock instruments as well as homemade electronics and other modified instruments. In their live performances, the singer engages in homemade pageantry with…

Return Of The Thin White Dook
Fat Worm Of Error
Yeay! Cassettes2007
Return Of The Thin White Dook
Fat Worm Of ErrorYeay! Cassettes2007